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Suggestions on new ultra lite rod/reel

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So I picked have a coupon for bass pro so I am going to head there tomorrow. I have been toying with replacing my old ugly stick light action with an ultra lite for the local trout streams. I am looking for any suggestions from you guys for rods and reels or combos that I should take a look at. I would like to keep the total cost under $150. All I have ever used were ugly stick or shakespeare combo rods/reels so I dont even know where to begin when looking for a new rod. Please any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I think it's difficult to get a good rod and reel for under $150.

The rod I use the most is a St. Croix Premier two piece 6' medium light action rod. The rod is $ 130. Before I got the St. Croix rod, I had a Cabela's Fish Eagle II rod, which are normally $ 90 but are on sale for $ 54. The Fish Eagle II is not a bad rod, I used it for years and changed because I wanted something more sensitive.

I know your coupon is for Bass Pro. Is it for a % off or a set $ amount? Might be worthwhile to compare that to sale prices elsewhere.

I'm partial to Shimano reels. There are some models that cost as little as $ 15 but it's junk. I really like Stradics but they are prohibitively expensive now. The Spirex is an OK reel; they're $ 60.

I'm sure you're going to get a lot of opinions.
Fenwicks are worth looking into, but it comes down to your personal preference.
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