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Suggestions on new ultra lite rod/reel

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So I picked have a coupon for bass pro so I am going to head there tomorrow. I have been toying with replacing my old ugly stick light action with an ultra lite for the local trout streams. I am looking for any suggestions from you guys for rods and reels or combos that I should take a look at. I would like to keep the total cost under $150. All I have ever used were ugly stick or shakespeare combo rods/reels so I dont even know where to begin when looking for a new rod. Please any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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To be fair the coupon is only for $10 off so I can easily get some other things. I have a pile of gift cards for amazon which is great but I need to touch and feel before I buy.

I am more than willing to buy online but all I have ever used were junk reels and ugly sticks so this will be an upgrade. If I buy on amazon that nearly doubles my budget. Are fenwick's worth looking at?
How about this. $150 for the rod and $100 for the reel.
I just checked out the plunger president and really like the limited edition. Can't beat the Amazon price.
Pflueger PRESLESP25X President Limited Edition Reel

As for the rods, I checked out the st Croix and fenwicks. I am leaning towards the Fenwick as I really like the grip.
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