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Nope not saying anything. I'm saying that all this talk about loads over 100 grains up to 200 grains, and guys who concentrate on muzzle velocity and "magnum muzzleloaders" are causing some folks to risk their lives and limbs. As I recall, there's been two recalls of in-lines. Any fool can blow up nearly any gun.

All inlines WILL blow up if handled foolishly. So will other guns.

Don't buy any high priced muzzleloader expecting to wild cat magnum the loads and get away with it. I have said many times in-lines have a place. But they really don't have substantial advantages over side lock performance of equal twist and projectile.

When selecting an in-line, there's differences in quality to be sure, but differences in performance really aren't that great. English Ballistics experts realized 170 years ago, that range is extended more effectively through longer heavier bullets, not by more powder. Unwisely striving to just get a flatter trajectory by dumping powder down the barrel is fool hardy.

While I may suspect that the blown up gun was somehow abused. There is the possibility that it was a manufacturing defect, There's a dozen or more reasons why that gun could have exploded. Accidental double load? Double charge, bullet slid forward, work hardening, improper barrel alloy, barrel obstruction, ringed barrel, all sorts of possibilities.

A friend of mine purchased a brand new semi auto pistol a few years back. First time at the range he fired two clips full of shells. On the second shot of the third clip, the slide failed and seperated. Half of it flew back across his face and laid his cheek wide open. He could literally talk out the side of his mouth. it was a freak accident due to a defect in metallurgy.

Frankly, I wouldn't ever shoot smokeless out of a muzzleloader of any kind.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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