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suggestions for new in line

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I'm looking to buy a new in line to use in rifle season, and western hunts.Right now I'm looking at CVA-accura or optima, and TC omega.If any of you use one of these could you tell me your opinion.Thanks
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Anything from T/C. I have benn shooting the Omega for a lot of years accurate, easy to clean, light weight, goes boom everytime (even in the pouring rain).... what more can you ask for.
I have a TC Encore that I love. Killed a buck in Oklahoma at over 250 yards. Several friends have TC Triumphs that they love to shoot. Very accurate and easy to maintain. I don't have any experience with the Omega, but so far all the TC products have been winners.
My brother-in-law has an Omega and it's a pretty nice gun. I have an Encore Pro Hunter, though, and prefer it over the Omega.
Pro hunter Never had a problem with any of my TC's
CVA Accura. Beautiful trigger right out of the box, bergara barrel, solid stock, excellent recoil pad, open sights that actually function. Beautiful shooting rifles.
I have the Encore, Uncle the Triumph and cousin the Omega. I like'em all. I prefer the encore mainly because of the feel of the gun. I like the monte carlo stock and wood instead of the synthetic stocks. All shoot very well and the only issue we have had was the finish on the Triumph. It is called "weathergaurd" (?) and it was peeling. Sent back to TC and they not only fixed the finish on the receiver they blued the barrel too where it was rubbing. You can't beat the warranty with TC.

To be totally honest.... I have nothing else to compare to either. It's been all TC for us. Good luck!!
The best deal going right now is the Knight Disc Extreme on Gunbroker for $180. These are new guns at about half price. I own a TC Encore and a Knight Disc Elite, and the Knight is a good rifle.
it depends on what ya wanna spend. TC= good. i second the knight disk they are sweet shooters or PM Octagon the mod for these forms hes got a real nice TC for sale. i have the same one and its a awesome gun
The encore is nice over the omega but remember it is also about $300 more. I have a omega and it shoots awesome. Supper accurate with 150 grn charge and 250 grn sabot. (1" group at 100 easy. I like the encore but have several rifles and didn't want to spend the extra for somthing I didn't need.
verminator said:
Pro hunter Never had a problem with any of my TC's

Another vote for the TC Pro Hunter!!
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I like my Savage Smokeless. Slightly less expensive than the Encore and alot easier to clean.
I would have to agree on the savage,if you have the extra money. You will never look back. These things can shoot.
First and most important question: What is your budget? I have a Pro Hunter that is amazing, as accurate as any rifle at the club. I'm a T/C fan so take that for what it's worth, but Omega-Triumph-Pro Hunter according to budget. You won't be sorry.
I have an Omega have been very pleased it. I feel T/C makes a good product and stands behind them very well...
Before you buy, check out the in-line failure thread I just posted under "Not for weak stomaches." I don't even know waht make it is.
zim, are u trying to say that all inlines are going to blow up? The rifle to me looks like the savage smokeless muzzleloader, with an over load or a short started projectile.
FG,i think it doesn't matter what make it is!If the weapon is not properly handled it could happen with any,or it could of been a defect!
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