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Success with Garmin Astro 220 and DC 40 Collar.

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I recemtly got a Garmin Astro 220 with a DC 40 collar and this unit is a great addition to my training process.

I have found it to be very reliable. It is a great help when the dog is in heavy cover. I probably should invest in some hearing aids.

I like the Garmin so much, I want to get another unit so I can run 2 dogs at once, where there is heavy cover.

If you are aware of anyone looking to sell a used DC 40 collar, kindly have them PM me or call me at 570-412-9232.
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Keep an eye on the classfied section of I see them for sale quite often there.
It sure does set your mind at ease in open country too. Over the river and through woods and you know what they are doing up to 2 miles away!!!!
It is truly a great way of tracking dogs..

The only problem myself and my associates have had is collar durability.
Granted I use mine a lot. They are used several times a week all year long and are on beagles that run all day in thick cover.
I have had to return 4 of my 5 collars at least twice 2 40's 3x (both DC30'S AND 40'S have failed) in 3+ years for total failures.
I am now down to 4 as the one DC30 that lasted 3 years failed and Garmin wanted $89 plus shipping to return.

In comparison I have a Tracker system that us 10 years old and still works fine.

This has been the experience of my hunting buddies as well.
All of our collars (probably close to 20 have expereinced total failure at least once) Great system while working but tough to keep up and going and expensive when problems arise.

John L
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Agree, the tracker is a good unit!
Pine Creek/Dave
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