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Stuffing sausage ?

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I just stuffed some sausage the other day with some 32mm cases and cut in bun length for kolobsa sandwichs. My ? is i have a good recepie for my regular whole hog sausage that i just used but wondering of i could put some diced green or red peppers in mix to stuff? I have bought in from costco like this why couldnt i do it too. Also my deer sausage is a little dry im doing more this weekend how much pork should i add to say 10lb of deer meat
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I've added high temp cheese, onions, and peppers and it works great.

For 10lb of pure venison, I like like 5lbs of ground pork.
Never done the cheese but cant se why the other wouldnt work, thanks on the 5 lb.
I love the taste of straight venison BUT for sausage 6-7 pounds of pork ground (coarse) with 3.5 -4 pounds of venison ground together makes sausage the way I like it. Season with crushed red pepper,sea salt or kosher salt black pepper and lots of fennel.
not going to happen for me. I quartered and deboned today and my deer had gangerine in hind 1/4. I was unaware before but was not going to take the chance of getting or getting someone else sick.
3# venison
1# cut up boston butt roast
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