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added another call and some pics
Do the Bigfoots have flocked heads?
Pigger said:
Do the Bigfoots have flocked heads?
Yes they are flocked heads

they were a littel wet when i took the pics- that's why there is some discoloration
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Accepting Offers...I need to move this stuff, more so the calls
Whats the rush? Are you retiring...
Steven, did you post that stuff on craigslist? It sells a lot better there then here. I sold all my canadas for exactly what I paid for them! There's always someone willing to buy on that site and it hits way more people. I use both.
I just bought 7 dozen decoys and I want to offset some of the cost with the proceeds from these items

Zak, I was in the process of putting an ad on craiglist and never submitted it.....goign to do that when I get home
Bigfoots sold!!!!
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