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string/cable brands

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I was told by one archery store that a new string for my xbow will be $135 or more. Another store told me $40 for a new string, $100 if I need a string and cable. This seems like quite a difference in costs. Is there a particular name brand I should be shopping for? BTW....I shoot a Ten-Point....thanks fellas.
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Prices can vary widely from standard factory sets up to full custom sets, which can get quite expensive. I have gone the custom route many times with Viper-X and Vapor Trail. Have not used 60X but have heard many good things about them. Blackheart makes some nice off the shelf string and cable sets. I have used them before as well.
$135 for a installed string is quite insane.
I would replace them all. 2-3 years is recommended but I stretch it to 3-4 years and have had no issues.
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