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i went coyote hunting last night. the neighbors have been spotting a coyote around 3pm just walking around the area, so i thought i would give it a try. the neighbors are concerned and dont want this critter grabbing a small dog or cat.

i went out around 11pm, walked down a trail into the woods and got set up. i started off with baby cottontail, about 2 minutes into the set i look to my left and then back to my right and see two sets of eyes "charging" right towards me, the call was set in front of me about 10 yards away.

PANIC...until i recognized what i was seeing, two big rabbits running right to the call and then a third one came in from the left side.

i called in three rabbits. i never heard of that before. most likely it might be their breeding season and they were defending a young bunny?

about 20 minutes after this a owl "HOOTED" real loud from almost above me and for a brief second in the stillness of the night sounded like a coyote HOWL.

exciting night. this stuff is fun, no need for a cardiac check up, i passed
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