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Strange lung tissue in a deer I shot tonight

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I shot a big doe shortly before quitting time. She appears in good health. She is not thin, appears to be well fed. No hair/coat issues, no lumps, bumps, wounds or anything of the like.

When I split her sternum, the lungs had TONS of very fibrous connective tissue. Not the spider-webby stuff all over the lungs, top to bottom, connecting to the ribs. It reminds me a lot of the connective tissue between the hide and the muscle....and it was not slippery/wet-feeling like most tissue inside the chest.

I didn't see anything else abnormal about the deer, but I've killed over 80 of these critters and don't ever remember seeing one look like this inside.

Anyone know a good place to get more info?
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My buddy's daughter shot a deer earlier this week with this same tissue your talking about. Our local butcher said the deer had got ammonia and said he's seen it before. He was told the meat would be fine to eat.
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