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Strange lung tissue in a deer I shot tonight

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I shot a big doe shortly before quitting time. She appears in good health. She is not thin, appears to be well fed. No hair/coat issues, no lumps, bumps, wounds or anything of the like.

When I split her sternum, the lungs had TONS of very fibrous connective tissue. Not the spider-webby stuff all over the lungs, top to bottom, connecting to the ribs. It reminds me a lot of the connective tissue between the hide and the muscle....and it was not slippery/wet-feeling like most tissue inside the chest.

I didn't see anything else abnormal about the deer, but I've killed over 80 of these critters and don't ever remember seeing one look like this inside.

Anyone know a good place to get more info?
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The past several years we've gotten a few deer that have had the lungs attached to the inside of the ribcage. I've heard this is likely pneumonia but it's nothing like what you're describing.
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