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I went for a "mountain run" this afternoon.
The good Lord is really blessing all of us in the way he spreads his hand upon the land.
While on my trip out through the Medix Run area,I was feeling a little bit down.
But on my way back up through the area I came across three kids from one camp out there.
Two of the kids were running/walking up the road,,,,water pistols /rifles just a going every where.
Here comes the third one,just a smiling away,gives me a big GRIN,and slowly passes me in his electric wheelchair.

What can I say,what can I do?
Just give him a big wave and a smile as I go on by.

My feelings of self pity and self doubt just wash away.

His chair tracks go up the road and back about a mile away from camp.
God, what was I feeling sorry for?
Here's a young man,out at camp and refuses to be stuck in one place,confined to a chair,,and here I am out for a ride,and at times,to darn lazy to get out and walk a logging road or gas well in search of fox or yote sign!

I better/We better stop and took another look at our lives! It could always be worse off then what it is.

Thank the Lord for a humbling experience today,no matter how bad I think my life might be,there's always someone out there who is a little worse off then me.

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OMG, thanks guys,
This young man had a smile across his face that would of melted the hardest misers heart.
Sorry,not trying to go on about this,but my God, you couldn't of stopped this young man if you wanted too.
I complain about my knees giving out,my Mom's upcoming heart surgery,,,,,,AGAIN,,,,,,,,,,
My little aches and pains.
Then you see this youngun going down the road ,just as happy as can be.
What a waste is self pity.
Sorry,don't mean to keep going on like this.

I complain about not having new shoes.
Then I see a man with no feet.
I complain about not having friends to talk too.
Then I see a mute.
I complain about not seeing enough deer.
Then I see a man who is blind.
I complain about not having any friends.
Then I see a man who is homeless.

It can always get worse.
Thank God for what you got.
I guess you need to stop and think it through.
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