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Stein's Hollow Beagle Club
Event No: 2013337701
259 East Deer View Drive
Auburn, PA
Event No: 2013337701

Males Saturday 4/20/13
Females Sunday 4/21/13

Field Trial

Start Date: Saturday - April 20, 2013 - Males
End Date: Sunday - April 21, 2013 - Females

Judge Panel Status: Approved
Competition Method: Small Pack Option

Class Judge

Beagle FT Open 13" - FT Dogs
Michael Frantz
Michael Johnson

Beagle FT Open 13" - FT Bitches
Eddie H Gooch
Chris Alexander

Beagle FT Open 15" - FT Dogs
John D Way
Thomas L Lienhard IV CANCELED - Toby Fauver Replacement

Beagle FT Open 15" - FT Bitches
Jared W Shade
Tim Folk
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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