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State Camp Lease Group Bylaws

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Would anyone who is a member of a state forest camp lease that is owned by a group and has bylaws be willing to share those with me?

Our family cabin ownership has gotten complicated as the greatest generation is almost gone, the baby boomers are aging and we need to formalize the handshake agreements we have had that have worked well in the past. We want to prevent future problems.

Thank you

email: [email protected]
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What part of the state are you located in?

My advice. Form a nonprofit. You can then have someone assigned as the agent for the organization to interact with the state. It requires a lawyer and a couple of bucks, but well worth it. I can pm you a lawyers name depending where you live and/or how far you are willing to drive. He has bylaw examples.

One thing I'm glad we did with our bylaws, was state that you were paying for the recreation on your initial investment. So when you leave the camp, you only get a nominal amount back. What happens all of the time is a guy joins a camp (or is born into it), and 10 years later they see dollar signs, and the other guys have to buy them out. A lot of camps end that way. Especially when 5 out of 10 guys want out. If someone wants out, their shares go back to the camp.

Your doing good thinking ahead, don't wait to get your bylaws and a nonprofit setup. Speaking from experience, there is nothing worse than getting the raw end of a deal involving a camp.
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