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I took the dogs out to see what kind of birds we could find. It didn't take long and Blitz had a rock solid point in the remains of the food plot. (I'm not too bright sometimes and I didn't bring the good camera)

I switched to phone to video as I walked up.

For some reason I must have bumped my phone on the flush and it stopped recording. We moved to where the bird flushed and the dogs picked up scent on the edge of the woods. The bird was running and I took this video:

I moved into the woods where the pheasant flushed from and we finally had our first woodcock flush. I couldn't get a picture but this is the area it came from.

It was at this time that the battery in my camera died. Too bad because before I was done we found another woodcock, 9 deer and 2 more roosters. There were a lot of cardinals using the food plot as well. Next time I'll remember the good camera. No sign of the quail
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