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Danny, I was considering this model a few years back when I was looking for an Autoloader. I heard a lot of good things about them. One thing you have to remember is that they are a "work horse" gun and nothing real nice to look at. Basically they lack fine detail, but they work.
At the time they had one for sale at Dick's Sporting Goods in York. It shouldered real nice for me at least. The vent rib was a little "wavey", just not real straight and true. But then again, it didn't cost $1000+ either.
I ended up finding a mint condition Browning Silver Stalker DT for a super good price and went with that instead.
When it comes time for my son to step up to an Autoloader I will revisit the SPR 453 (aka Baikal) as a possible candidate for him.
Check out YouTube, they have a video clip on there where these two guys just beat a Baikal and it keeps on working ... ice water, mud, etc...

Good Luck Guy!
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