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Special Turkey Hunts

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Post up some pictures of special turkey hunts you have been on that you won't forget. I've had several in my life hunting with my dad and kids. But this picture below was taken in the spring of 2011 of brothers Shane and Justin, close friends of my son. Shane harvested this nice bird and we worked several others but could never get Justin a bird that morning. This would be Justins last turkey hunt, he was killed in October of that year when he lost control of his jeep. This will always be a special hunt for me.

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Sorry to hear about your sons buddy.

This is RIGG-A-MORTIS and I, for those of you who hit the waterfowl forum you remember him..

It was My third year turkey hunting and I had made about every mistake in the book, and had yet to connect on a spring bird. We were told by the bartender the night before this hunt that we were never going to kill any turkeys behavin the way we were.

We began working these birds around 1140 AM. They gave us a show on the way in but Cory couldn't see both of them. I chose my bird and he was the further of the two, when he crossed the 25 yard line at 1155 AM I let him have it. Cory could only see the other bird and had thought that I missed. He made a fantastic snapshot on the other bird, and then apologized thinking that he had taken my first turkey after I missed. All on video. I will never ever forget that hunt.

As you can imagine, we paid that bartender a visit for lunch.

I forget the specs of Cory's bird but mine had a 10.5" beard and 1.25 inch spurs. Both were nice mature birds.

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