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I make my own from grass clippings & weed pulling.
I bag lawn clipping during the spring & early summer and have 3 grass piles around the property.
After turning these piles 2-3 times a year and adding a little dirt, grass breaks down to what I call Brown Gold.
I use it for wife's planters, filling dips in lawn and trapping dirt.

Yesterday, I needed to fill some stump holes that sank too deep into the lawn.
So I thought I would turn over the remaining two piles of brown gold.
Also got some dirt sifted for the season. That's when I noticed it was hot & humid outside.:watermelon:

1)piles of compost dirt
2)rich soil, very light
3)This spring's pile, relocated, turned over, with dirt added
dirt pile 1.jpg

dirt pile 2.jpg

dirt pile.jpg
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