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Sounds like you're doing it good, friend.
I have been through this over the last three years with my son who now has used it to successfully take his first buck this year at age 9. I'll be doing it again with my daughter in the spring.
My suggestions echo some of what has been said already. Reactive targets get them really psyched about their hits. I use clay birds hanging from tacks on the backer board. Targets start at about 25 yds with open sights so they learn what the sight picture is all about, but the scope is fine...they'll learn both ways eventually...moving out to 50 yds once they start hitting pretty regularly.
The biggest obstacle at this age...steady trigger pull. They want to see what they hit right away, so they jerk the trigger and look over the gun immediately. I always remind them to watch the target break through the sights (or the scope), and that nothing moves except the trigger finger.
Good luck to you guys. The more you take him, the more he'll improve.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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