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I'm a recent transplant to Somerset county and this talk of the upcoming morel season has got my attention. How do morels fair in Somerset county? Are there many to be found? I've never looked before and wouldn't mind finding a few. Thanks for any input.

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#1715863 - Tue Apr 13 2010 08:54 PM Re: Morel County Records- [Re: GalThatFishes]
GalThatFishes GalThatFishes
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Loc: 2A, 2B Now we have:

1) Washington
2) Greene
3) Westmoreland
4) Fayette
5) Huntington
6) Tioga
7) Center
8) Mifflin
9) Lehigh
10) Berks
11) Chester
12) Adams
13) Fulton
15) Cumbrland
16) Beaver
17) Mercer
18) Lawrence
19) Lancaster
20) Lebanon
21) Elk
22) Somerset

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As you can see from a topic that Gal started last year, Somerset was added on April 13th. Yes they grow there.

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Here is a good site for info

I'm sure there are some good areas in Somerset.
I look around ash,poplar and old apple trees/orchards also anywhere you find mayapples growing.
No set rules as to where you can find 'em.
My biggest problem is finding the first one of the year,after that they seem to pop out at you.
Hopefully someone from your area will chime in,but there's another problem-most 'shroomers are more likely to give up thier favorite treestand than a good morel honeyhole.

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Go to state game lands close to Bedford and somerset co line near the town of Hyndman-Thats all i can say!!!!!Also the Glenco and Fairhope area.
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