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Some best scouting can be done while shrooming

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When your out there wanderin around you going to see things that the average hunter doesn't see...You will find all the ravines, stands of pines, the white oaks, scat, and even talk to some of the locals that will tell you what kind of game they see in the area.. Yep Spring Summer, and Fall is a valuable time for the shroomer who wears two hats.. ... Kind of like this song when your out there wanderin around.. New lands to hunt come fall...
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Won't be long now... Chanterelle season. Goldens, Trumpets, and Cinnabars! Looking forward to check out some new public lands. End result is going to be some outstanding places to do some predator calling once I see the lay of the land.. Shrooming and scouting can do that for you. Scout and come home with choice edibles foods for the table.
I have been attending the NPENNMUSH Forays this year.. Wow did I find a nice public land to hunt in Dauphin county... It has Bear, deer, grouse and my favorite of course predators..
Just got rain a few days ago and now some hot weather. The summer chants and trumpets should be out this week.
I start to find Chants around 13 July... but could be a bit early.. My friends in Va are finding them now...
I have found some nice deer runs.. Much droppings so at least I now have an idea of where on the public lands will probably be some good huntin!!!
No chants yet, but I picked a handful of trumpets the other day. As for deer, I have a stand right behind my house. No need for scouting.
Did a hunt with my club today... One member saw a bear and others commented on the number of Rattle Snakes that have dens in the area... So one can keep that in the back of his head should you be a rattler!!!!!!
I was out looking at new areas for Chanterelle mushrooms.. Found some but I also found stands of Tulip Poplar Trees and wild apple trees.. Looks like I'm going back next year to these public spots for possible Morels.. I was talking to a local guy at one of our public land holdings.. he told me that there are areas of the pubic area that we were on that have large qtys of Morels. Of course he didn't tell me where on the public lands.. But see I found those apple trees and the Tulip Poplar trees and I just might have an additional place to pick Morels next April.. A lot of deer droppings and trails around too!
Sounds like a win to me. I found what look like elms in one game land while hunting last year, but when I went to check in the spring the area was closed for a propagation area.
Many of the PGL that have ponds on them are closed until 1 July.. However Chanterlles start to bloom on or about 13 July in the part of Pa I live in... You will have to become a Chanterelle shoormer for these closed areas instead of a Morel Hunter..
I love chants. Unfortunately my best spot is my former place of employment. In a good year we could harvest ten lbs in a few hours. Now I need more rain so I can scout for a new place.
I was out shrooming the other day on new public land that I have hunted coyotes on... I notice as I searched for shrooms shooting lanes and approach areas where I entered the woods. I'm excited now because I can take two people that I do hunt with put them on those entry points to the sounds and I can either mouth call or set a electronic caller and I can also guard and entry area to the sound...
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