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So who is going out saturday in the rain?

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lots of rain on the way tomorrow,but i got the itch to go out anyway,anybody else going for turkeys in the rain
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I will be out there at some point in the day.
The rain's not supposed to hit here until 10ish. That said, I've had some of my most memorable hunts in the rain, so I'll definitely be out. Lots of turned fields up here, so I expect the birds will be frequenting them.
Possible. Not likely.
Tomorrow and Tuesday are my last two days to hunt this spring. I'm sticking with my plan to try and get one with my grandfather's old single shot 16 ga. For as many birds as I've had in so far, it has to happen sooner or later.
I'll be trying to get my son a bird tomorrow morning.
Well, I don't have to be but I will be out there somewhere scouting for next year and trying to locate something for my dad.
Taking a buddy out....looking fwd to a good day.

Hope the turkeys feel like playing....

Good luck to safe
Looks pretty bleak out there right now, but I'm hoping to catch a break in the rain at some point. Probably spend the morning sneak-and-peeking around field edges.

Good luck all!
Rained all night here, plan on hunting this afternoon. Running in a trail race this morning and it's going to be muddy.
Not me I'm done! Killed two this spring. If I didn't kill my second one I would be sitting in a blind!
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