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And took a few pics of some of the racks I'm going to remount with different plaques. Some I'm going to leave as is.

The buck that started it all, '89 rifle.

This one will be remounted. My '97 archery buck.The tips of the main beams were flat like screwdrivers and he had the kicker.

Another remount. My 2000 rifle buck. I think this buck had the potential to be truly huge. That white you see around the base isn't the skull it's part of the rack. He had huge bases, that's why the form is so funny looking.

'99 archery buck.

Group shot. From the top left to right, '99 archery, '96 archery, '98 archery, and '94 archery (first bow buck).

Another group shot. '00 rifle, '97 archery, '02 rifle, '01 archery. This years rack is sitting at the bottom.

There's more but that's all I have hanging on the wall right now. Just something to look at on a winters night.
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