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So Close Tonight!! Got it on Video

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Already have a buck and a doe in the freezer so am not in need of meat. Have been hunting some but have only seen a couple deer while sitting. Decided to do a little still hunting today and saw 10 deer and a couple of turkeys in some thick stuff. Was coming down a grass roadway into a field when I saw some deer out in the field only 30 yards away. There was some thick stuff between us so I was able to get into position before they stepped in front of me. Didn't quite work out but it was exciting nonetheless. Also got my first good footage with the camera that I got for Christmas.

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That was cool....what kind of camera setup did you get?
It doesn't really have a brand (made in China) but is pretty neat. It has a little monitor with controls on it. The camera is a bullet camera with a cable that connects to the monitor. This way, I can adjust the camera on my head and by looking at the screen. It then has a remote that I run up my sleeve and stick into my glove. I wouldn't say that it is as mobile as the GoPro just because of all of the wires but I haven't run into any issues yet.
Where are you at with no snow? In zip 16436 we have a bunch!
5B, York County. I wish we had snow, I would love to do some tracking but it has been gone for a while down here.
Oh dude, if you had only had the time to set up in that brush to your left they may not have seen you. This was a great vid!
randy1953 said:
Where are you at with no snow? In zip 16436 we have a bunch!
Don,t let Loggy see this post or he,ll accuse you of bein Dick Tracey.Ha Ha.
Cool video.
Awesome video... seeing deer is the cool part, whether one is killed or not.
Can you post a link to where one can buy your camera?
I bought mine off ebay.

Here is a link to the same one that I have.

There are a number of other brands of depending on how much you are willing to spend. I chose this one because of all of the different mounting options.
Oh man, that was great! lol. That just got me in the mood to go back out tomorrow morning after not seeing anything the first 3 days of flintlock.

I use this camera mount. You can use it with any camera. I use a simple point and shoot on video mode. I clamp it on my barrel. Or move it to my tree stand or two my bow stabilizer. The little colored disks are rubber so they grip really well. And the thing is silent. Make no sound when you move it. Really a great tool. Now I just have to find some deer to film. lol
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