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So......anyone know who it was?

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Several oblique references (particularly the NSSF statement) have been made concerning the ESOS decision on tactical rifles where an inference was made that a single retailer was going to apparently do something or other that would cause significant negative attention to the show if they allowed tactical rifles.

Obviously, this did not go how Reed wanted it go, but I think it would be valuable to know who this retailer was. I would think, if they were going to make a public stink about inclusion of these rifles in the show that they'd be more than willing to disclose publicly that they are the ones that caused all of this, or at least provided the start to it.

I would love to know what retailer is was so that I can be sure my money does not go there.

Anyone have any info?
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If I were a betting man, I'd be inclined to put my money on Dick's Sporting Goods, but I can't imagine they have THAT much sway as to cause all of this.

Who is missing from the list of vendors pulling out?
I made a mistake in reading what the OP posted... It was NOT Cabelas.... they have pulled themselves from sponsoring this show... My apologies to everyone about this...
How could it be Cabela's? Why would they press ESOS to remove tactical rifles from the show, only to pull out of the show over that very decision?
tdd said:
How could it be Cabela's? Why would they press ESOS to remove tactical rifles from the show, only to pull out of the show over that very decision?
X-2 They sell tactical rifles and accessories
Cabelas is one of the few online stores that have continued to try to get things like 30 round magazines in stock. When one type sells out, they find another brand to sell. Most other store just put up a sold out sign.
Bass Pro has gone in with the NRA on the gift card deal. I would find it hard to believe that either of these two would do it. Unless it was a local decision.
Maybe someone is just trying to pass the blame and save butt?
who controls the complex? dust think who has that much pull
>who controls the complex?

I have been meaning to ask this question. I can see Dick's Sporting Goods dropping black rifles as a business decision but why would the promotor? Very few people attending the show would be turned off over them.

For the state to exert that kind of pressure, I'd think it would have to come from the governor's office. Would Corbett be leaning that way? I wouldn't think so, but I guess one never quite knows for sure.

I'd sooner believe that Reed tried to make a veiled "a retailer said" statement to cover their butts, and that this was really their sole decision to do this.

If there was such pressure exerted by a retailer, though, I surely want to know who that retailer is, as it would be a significant factor to me in where my money is spent.
I would like to know to. and the state makes money of this and they arnt sayen a word just think how much they make just in parking. there is more than reed doing this. These shows are about maken money for promoter to the owner and venders who ever made this call never figured it would go this bad
Could have been Harrisburgs Mayor Linda Thompson, she is part of that Mayors vs guns group or whatever and went down to DC for that Obama gun announcement. I work in Harrisburg and the crime rate is horrible there. Needless to say I carry religiously....
Linda Thompson is a crack ho that needs thrown out of office.
Ya'll are forgetting two of the BIGGEST sponsors of ESOS still left on the bill:

1. <span style="font-weight: bold">Progressive</span>:

...plenty more articles on them....look them up!

2. <span style="font-weight: bold">Comcast</span>

Both liberal leaning. That leaves one more sponsor

<span style="font-weight: bold">Outdoor Channel</span>

They need to bail and leave the two lib sponsors to hold the bag! Why haven't they yet?
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I thought George Soros was the chief stock holder of Progressive.
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