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Snow in Quehanna

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Planned a trip for the upcoming weekend to spend some time at camp. Anyone know how much snow is on top of the mountain? Trying to decide what to drive.
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I just got back from camp....I didn't make it up in to the wild area..but there is about 18 - 20 inches of snow on the bottoms...usually more on top...I took my snow blower and glad I did... I had to blow out the driveway just to get in to camp
I was up in there yesterday. I was surprised there was way less snow than we have at home. I drove many of the back roads. I didn't try any of the real steep roads, though. The normal roads the snowmobiles run on are a mess. Although, there seemed to be way less snowmobiles than in the past. I didn't see a single one actually out yesterday.
Well, had a great time at Camp. Only got stuck once, we were fortunate, another camp close to ours was in and pulled us out. (Thanks Jeff!) The snowmobiles and dressing tractor had the road a mess. Did manage to do some walking, but the snow was way too deep to enjoy it in the clearings. Checked the camps in the area, all locked up tight and secure.
Got a camp on Lincoln Road. Close to yours?
We are off of Dieble Road, so not too far from you.
Glad you had a good time, Cincy. Are you going to make it up for the coyote hunt this year?
I'm gonna try, depends on the work and the kids schedule. To make it worthwhile I have to take Friday off, makes the 370 mile trip a little more enjoyable. I will take a 6.5 hour drive any day of the week though for the enjoyment I get at camp.

Are you coming up?
Yeah. The boy and I will be there this year. I understand the travel issue and hope to see you there.
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