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I think I finally got to the bottom of my computer troubles and wanted to share some pics from this past year. Thanks for looking and let me know if I mislabeled anything, this was my first year identifying the uncommon stuff.

A red-belly. Brown phase.

A red-belly. Grey phase.

Some common water snakes.

Check out the full belly on this one.

Some ringnecks.

I think I read somewhere that this snake is in a super relaxed state.

Map turtles.


Long-tailed salamander.

Slimy salamander.

Northern dusky.(I think)

A one-eyed, two-lined salamander.

Some frogs.

A leopard frog (I think). It looks different than the more common pickerel frogs.

Baby wood frog.

Some common stuff.

A garter getting ready to shed.

A lizard from over in NJ.


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ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How big was that relaxed ringneck? the photo makes it look 4 feet long which just isnt

did i ever tell anyone i love reptiles and amphibians????
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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