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smoking cheese

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I smoked cheese last night. I used hickory chips and smoked swiss, cooper sharp, cheddar, and pepper jack. It came out with a heavier smoke taste that expected. its not bad, but has anyone smoked cheese and what woods do you use?
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I smoked baby Swiss, Cooper, and Cheddar a few weeks ago. Let the cheese get to room temp before putting it on the smoker. I use hickory pellets as well. Typically I smoke for 2 hours, then bring back inside to sit for another hour. One thing I've learned is to NOT sample for at least 2 weeks. Most of the smoke is on the outside of the cheese at first and can be bitter. After a couple weeks, it migrates into the cheese and is much more mild. Swiss seems to need less smoke than Cooper or Cheddar, at least from my experience.
I left sit for an hour as well, brought it in and wrapped it for overnight storage, then food saved it this morning. I am gonna let it sit for a week or two to see what that does
apple worked great for me and alder is good too. I cold smoke with sawdust. Hickory and Misquite have a bit more bite to them
I just did cooper sharp again last night and it had a much milder smoke taste. I am going to try it next with the Swiss and pepper jack. The hickory was strong in those. I used apple chunks
Let the cheese sit for like 30 days. The smoke will "mellow" with time.
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