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This is my newest favorite flavor.

I mix this up for a rub

brown sugar 1/3 cup
salt 1 tbsp
pepper 1/2 tbsp
paprika 1 tsp

Same rub that I use for ribs or pork in the smoker. Dry rub meat, coating every surface of the meat. I also smoke venison in those disposable cake pans, like a frozen lasgna comes in, with a dollop (1/4 cup) of bacon grease in it, sliced apple or pineapples on top. I smoke uncovered for 3-4 hours at 180 keep the smoke thick and heavy, apple is my favorite wood. I make my own sawdust with a 1" spade drill bit. Halfway thru I turn meat over in the pan and cover with foil to retain mosture for the last 3-4 hours. Thicker pieces get 8 hours total, thinner peices and small chunks can come out at 6+ hours or so. Once it is out take the time to slice it all across the grain and return it to the pan of juice and serve. I always make a big batch that fills the smoker when I do this and reheat the pans for leftovers all week long. I have done larger roasts out of the rump, loins, and neck roasts as well, neck roast are a bit chewy but the loins and rump roasts are like prime rib, with the pan juice being au juis.
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