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Braved the 0 degree wind chills for a great afternoon in the stand with my daughter. She took her Nintendo DS along and was a perfect little hunter!! We saw several deer that stayed just out of range. A few came pretty close but stayed behind us in the thick stuff not offering any shots.

At 3:00 I saw a BB step out about 60 yards away and while watching him missed a big doe and another deer coming from my left. They cautiously stepped out at 65 yards and began feeding away from us. When the bigger doe turned broadside I knew it was now or never!!

When the smoke cleared she ran about 50 yards and fell. got back up once then fell again. We had a long talk on how its necessary for us to take a few doe every year to balance things out. After a few minutes we climbed down to claim our trophy!!

Using a TC Hawken 50 cal. with 80 grains of FF pushing a 240 grain Hornady P.A. conical. I included the exit pic , these things do a number on deer!!

1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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