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small potomac blue cat video

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My youngest son wanted to go catch some blue cats, so we took the boat out on the Potomac. We didnt stay too long before the winds picked up more than i like when i have the kids in the boat. We did get a dink 24lb'er on video. as you can see on the bottom of the screen, Logan was tired. he actually fell asleep when i was catching bait. i woke him up when i hooked the fish....he looked at me...and went straight back to sleep. i even tried to wake him again after landing the fish, so he could look at it, but he wasnt waking for nothin'. he woke up 15 minutes later and asked "did we get any fish yet?" the funny part is, although he slept the WHOLE time, he said he still had fun. ha.

click image for video.

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I wouldnt camplain about that little. Thats the one catfish I still want to catch...
Nice. I love fishing the potomac for blues. They have some pretty big cats there. I know a few guys who have got them in the #70 class and a buddy of mine I fish with there helped get the state record weighed. That one was over #80. I have got them in the #50 class and im hoping on getting a #60+ this year.
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