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So I got my first deer yesterday with the slug gun. I was shooting 385 gr winchester supremes. Took the shot at a later range finder verified 102 yards. Doe took a couple steps and flopped.

Looking at the deer on the ground the entrance and exit wounds looked similar to a shot from my 243. Caliber size hole in, slightly larger hole out (shot through the rib cage). As I was butchering this morning I couldn't believe my eyes. I trimmed the meat off the rib cage from the entrence side to grind up like normal. I got to the other side, and once I started trimming I came to realize that it was completely bloodshot just under the meat over the entire rib cage. I had to toss it all. It wasn't even noticable until I started trimming.

Is this normal?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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