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I stopped up at Blue Mountain Saturday to watch part of the slug gun match. For those of you who think your in-lines are good, "ya aint seen nothin"

These guns are generally underhammer guns with heavy round barrels, false muzzles and they shoot large two piece bullets that are "cross patched" with paper when loading. The 45 caliber bullets ran right about 515 grains and before loading a second false muzzle was placed over the top that had "x" shaped grooves across it. slender slivers of paper were laid in the x and then the bullet was started so that the paper came up around the bullet surrounding it with a single layer of paper.

The guns appeared to weigh about 15 to 20 pounds and at 100 yds on the 50 yd NMLRA , a 100- 7x isn't good enough to win. On that target the ten ring looked to be about 3/4 of an inch and the x looked less than a half inch.

Many of their barrels are made by brothers from Womelsdorf, PA.

The bullets are cast in two pieces with hard lead noses and soft lead bodies and then swaged under a few tons pressure which finally shapes them and fuses the pieces together into one bullet.

Oddly enough, according to two of the shooters, at one time they weighed every bullet and every charge, but found that other variables were so beyond their control that whether a charge had two extra grains of powder made little difference. they stopped using the analytical scales.

It was indeed something to see.

Wish I had remembered my camera.
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