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I feel that the page in the book regarding Youth Hunting Opportunities is poorly written. It seems as if there was an attempt to combine rules and regulations for Mentored Youth and Youth hunters all on one page. I think seperate sections for Mentored Youth and Youth would be helpful.

To answer your question without searching the book completely it does say that:
The person remains in sight and close to a hunter at least
18 years of age; the unlicensed person does not possess a firearm, bow or other hunting device; the person complies with fluorescent orange
requirements; and the person is listed, if mandated, on a hunting roster as a member of the hunting party.
From that I get that the individual that must be with you has to be at least age 18 and must also follow general hunting rules and regulations.

EDIT: Thinking about this you would be considered a Junior hunter. Based on what licenses are sold their are Junior hunting licenses. The PA Game Commission seems to use the terms Junior and Youth to mean the same thing. As stated before different sections for Mentored Youth hunters and Junior hunters would be helpful.

What I can tell you from my experiences are a Junior hunter is that I have hunted with my dad, mom, uncle, and grandpa. With each person I sat next to them so that we could communicate. My mom did not possess a hunting license but according the quote I posted above that was fine.

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Junior Licenses and Hunters: Persons under
17 years of age must have their parent or legal
guardian’s approval to purchase a general hunting,
combination or furtaker license. Persons who
turn 17 after purchasing a Junior License can still
hunt that year with the Junior License. 11-yearolds
who have successfully completed a required
Hunter-Trapper Education course may apply for
a Junior License if they will be 12 years old by
June 30 of the license year. They may not lawfully
hunt with the license prior to their 12th
birthday. Persons 12 and 13 must be accompanied
by an adult member of the family (at least
18), or by an adult serving in place of a parent.
Persons 14 and 15 must be accompanied by any
adult 18 or older.
16-year-olds may hunt alone.
The use of portable radios does not satisfy the
legal requirement of accompanying a junior hunter.
The accompanying adult must be close enough to
give verbal instructions without the aid of an electronic
Copied right from the PGC Website Online Digest.

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My mistake for not finding that. I had went into the "flip book" online version of the book and typed in the search "Junior" and that information never came up as a result. I checked the PDF version today and typed in the search "Junior" and then I found the quote posted above. Don't remember it being that a 16 year old could hunt alone. It's been a little while since I have had to follow the rules for junior licensed hunter. Anyways the question was answered now - thank you to Bluemarsher1.
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