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Sightron scope guarantee?

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Can`t find my paperwork on my Sightron. Anybody know if they have an over the counter guarantee or have to be sent back? The silver dial plate is loose on mine and not sure what to do.
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sent back

from my understanding no one has a over the counter but the two german makers
they used to have an over the counter. where are you located?
From what I understand Sightron does have over the counter.
Not that you would need it, I love my sightrons and they never break. buy SII or higher and you have quality, I dont have any SI models.
I thought that the guarantee was of the over the counter type. I emailed Sightron and they said I had to send it in! Trouble with the scope is that the dial plate, metal part with the up/down marks on it are loose. Scope seems ok but would like it fixed. Maybe give Grice`s a call on Monday.....
I ask before I did purchase what the warranty :They said just send it in no paper work needed lifetime warranty.
I have a S! 3x9x40 mil dot all I have to say it is a excellent scope
I was told by my dealer that if anything happens to my Sightron scope, I was to bring it back for a replacement. No questions asked.
i just checked(last five minutes) the sightron website for warrenty info. SEND IT IN to north carolina
ok, think I will wait till after Deer Season then send it in....Thanks
It's extemely rair anymore to have the dealer take care of anything. They are just there to sell it to you. Most dealers will send it back for you though.

Just about everything I own has a note in the warrenty info that says in most go back to the factory.
Call Dwight Hummel he is the Pa sightron king. He will know the policy for sure. I have a friend that did an over the counter exchange with him in the past.

Hummel's gun shop
651 Globe Mills Rd
Middleburg, PA 17842-8377
Phone: (570) 837-3642
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