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Sighting in Parker Tornado

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Shot a 3-D course with my son today. I was surprised that his new tornado was not "flat" out to 20 yards. He had to use either his 20 or 10 yard pin.

My compound bow is flat enough out to about 25 yards, that I don't have to worry about it.

He did. Is this normal? Just thought the crossbows would be a little "flater" than this.

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Yes, that is normal. Crossbow arrows scrub speed very fast. That is one of the reasons we have spent so much time, trying to come up with the perfect crossbow arrow. It's great that you are getting your son out and learning what his crossbow can do. He will be better perpared this fall. Good Luck to both of you!
Both of my crossbows have slight POI changes from 10-20 yards. My first crosshair is set at twenty and they go down from there. If I have a very close shot, the slight difference in POI on my bows won't matter.
Ted, my tornado drops an inch a yard after 20, so 5 yards off in estimating and you miss.. With the Hawke Multi rec I set it for 15 , 25, 35, and out great but also stresses the importance of ranging the shot.

Also, why i laugh so hard when someone who is misinformed on the weapon says the crossbows will be knocking deer down at 100 yards or guys will be taking 70 yards shots, well i guess they can if they like looking for expensive bolts and braodheads in the leaves.

Range practice is huge to get the specifics on your crossbow/bolt combo...but make sure too that you put that 3D target out there and randomly stop at different distances and get some practice broadheads.
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