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Sight placement

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Just wondering how you guys set your sights up, up close or further out? I read an article that said further out is more for precision shots but your shots will be off w any kind of inconsistency or small movement. What are your opinions?
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I think the most important aspect when setting up your sight is setting your sight housing so it just fits inside your peep sight. On hunting bows most people use a bigger 3/16 or 1/4 inch peep and its easy to adjust your sight housing to fill your peep to your liking. On target bows where archers use smaller 1/16 peeps or so to super concentrate their vision you will have to move your sight housing or scope further away from the bow to achieve this, or use a very small scope. When I shoot I will first align my sight housing ring to fill my peep and then concentrate on my target while I am subconsciously aware of my pin and housing alignment. As you age another good reason to have your pins further from your bow is they will be easier to see.
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