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Im saying NO because it will only cost US, the workers more money to PAY for the tests...NOW, IF YOU FORCE THEM TO GET A JOB, the employer will 99% of the time-make them take a drug test, then the EMPLOYER can pay for it. Besides, somebody could go on a CRACK or COCAINE bender and snort or smoke up a $1000.00 worth of their welfare money and food stamps and still pass a drug test within 48 hours...the only thing drug tests are good for are busting people for smoking pot since it stays in your system for so long. How do you think all those crackheads are on "supervised probation" taking maditory drug tests once or twice a week AND STILL PASSING...make people get a job and earn their keep. There is a place at the table for everybody in this country, thats one of the great things about America...just my 2 cents
1 - 1 of 77 Posts
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