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I think they should have to prove that they are not squandering their money on drugs, alcohol, or gambling. Perhaps a Sin Tax card would be more appropriate. Something like the old PLCB cards that you have to have to buy tobacco or alcohol. Swipe it on every purchase and then at the end of the year you get a form that tells you how much you wasted on tobacco and alcohol. At tax time, add it to their adjusted gross income and tax it again.

I'm not crazy about increasing taxes, but I'm also not crazy about the 10 folks walking down the street in front of me that are blowing their smoke in the air only for me to breath it in. So, they get taxed on the front end for doing something they want to do and then on the back end for doing something that the people around them really don't want them doing.

I suspect this would hit the welfare recipients pretty hard.
1 - 1 of 77 Posts