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SHould I chance it? - Wax question

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I've got about 2/3s of my line pulled at the moment. Planning on resetting this coming weekend so last night I was checking over the sets I'd pulled to make sure they had tags still, would set ok, and knocked the dirt off of them.

I suppose they should be re-boiled and waxed? Only 1 of what I've pulled has made a catch, but many are pretty beat up and have some rust here and there. Is that what you guys would do is re-boil/wax?

Speaking of wax, I have a new bucket of wax from this year at my brother's house, which isn't too far away, but last night I was sorting through my gear and stumbled on a metal bucket. I then realized what it was and checked and sure enough, it's our old wax. Several years old. Been sitting in my basement with a lid, but it wasn't on terribly tight. Wax is yellow in color and has been exposed to God knows what down there with me working on things. Probably not a good idea to use it, but what if I scraped off some of it that would have likely collected the odors? Or should I just junk it?
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If it were me, I would just reset the traps that didn't have a catch. As for the wax, if you think it may have a foreign odor, I would just scrape off the outside layer of wax then re-use that also. I heard wax can take on a burnt smell if it gets too hot but I never had any issues with the wax I use. I just add more to the pot when needed from year to year. I use a "fry daddy" that my wife picked up at a yard sale to heat my wax. I like it because I can control the temperature by simply setting the knob. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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