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SHould I chance it? - Wax question

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I've got about 2/3s of my line pulled at the moment. Planning on resetting this coming weekend so last night I was checking over the sets I'd pulled to make sure they had tags still, would set ok, and knocked the dirt off of them.

I suppose they should be re-boiled and waxed? Only 1 of what I've pulled has made a catch, but many are pretty beat up and have some rust here and there. Is that what you guys would do is re-boil/wax?

Speaking of wax, I have a new bucket of wax from this year at my brother's house, which isn't too far away, but last night I was sorting through my gear and stumbled on a metal bucket. I then realized what it was and checked and sure enough, it's our old wax. Several years old. Been sitting in my basement with a lid, but it wasn't on terribly tight. Wax is yellow in color and has been exposed to God knows what down there with me working on things. Probably not a good idea to use it, but what if I scraped off some of it that would have likely collected the odors? Or should I just junk it?
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Decided to play it safe and re-boiled what I had pulled last night. Only 16 traps and using my set up I had the dye boiling in 15 minutes and the traps were all dyed and drying inside of an hour. My brother dropped off the bucket of fresh wax this morning so I'll wax them tonight.

Fresh steel and fresh ground meet tomorrow.
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