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shotgun setup for predators

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Id like to set up a shotgun for fox/coyote and was wondering what choke tubes are good? what shells, buckshot etc? and also do you use a red dot or just the bead sight? I have an 835 with a turkey choke and fiber optic sights is that good enough? Thanks!
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I have same exact gun!
Spent some time patterning the Carlson dead coyote with it.
Shot federal 3-1/2" turkey loads, 3" Winchester and Remington nitro mags, Remington #4 buck shot and hevi shot dead coyote. For my gun the Winchester 3" turkey loads shot 10x better than federal 3-1/2" and Remington nitro mags. Which I wanted to pattern for turkey hunting and coyote hunting.
For coyote hunting the hevi shot put 3x more pellets in the 8"-10" kill zone then the buck shot.
Keep in mind this is at 50 yards.
I put a $70 red dot sight on and it works just fine.
Yes the Hevi shot are $4.5 a shot compared to $1.5 but if that means a down yote or fox I will spend the extra money.
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