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shot drop at different distances??

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At what distance and how much to you find your shot drops? What range do you sight in for and do you just compensate when you are further than that? Mine seems low at 40? Thanks
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I generally don't see shot drop at turkey ranges(under 50 yds.) What you will see is the pattern opening up and sometimes some holes developing. I start with my 40yd pattern and when I am satisfied I check my center of sight at twenty or under just to be certain . At close range using turkey chokes you don't have much room for error . You want to make sure if you get a close shot you won't be off to one side or high /low. Other than that , I've never found I had to compensate for any kind of pellet drop at reasonable ranges . If your pellets are maintaining lethal energy (velocity) at forty yds or even fifty, they won't be dropping yet . If you find yourself seeing patterns dropping you are probably exceeding the lethal range of the loads you are using.
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