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Shooting through mesh

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I found a couple of threads but they didn't answer my question. Does the mesh screen on a ground blind effect a fixed blade arrow? Did your POI change?
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I couldn't do it. I would have to have a window open. A rifle or muzzle-loader? Sure. A A mechanical? He11 no!!!!

I know they call it "shoot-through" mesh, but I don't trust it.
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Get the blind out to its spot ahead of time and brush it in. After a week or so, the deer will get used to it.

My dad's buddy did shoot through the mesh with a 30-06 and hit his deer. There wasn't just a hole. There was a gaping hole and the mesh was melted around it. I think the muzzle blast might blow out the mesh before the bullet even hits it. The bullet is pushing a 22-24 inch column of air out ahead of the bullet at a high rate of speed. That probably rips the mesh ahead of the bullet.

The arrow has to actually cut the mesh. I can see a very sharp fixed head slicing easily through. BUT.....what about the fletchings? They would have a wider profile and chances of the fletchings slipping through the same slice that the broadhead made is slim. And, if the arrow is at any angle at all, I would think it could lose some stabilization.
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