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Shooting Sticks

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Looking for a good set of shooting sticks for a 300 Win Mag. Any recomendations?
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I made my own...and yesterday found an ideal material for making another pair. Home Depot has fiberglass driveway marking rods (1/4" thick fiberglass rods...fairly stiff) that can be painted and secured together with parachute cord. 4 bucks and a half for me. I put some adhesive felt on my arrow shaft sticks, it keeps them nice and quiet and would do the same with the fiberglass

The rods at HD are either 36 or 48", your choice. the 48" ones are a little thicker...maybe 5/16 or 3/8
Did you go with a two legged or three legged design? Could you pm or post a pic of them?
i did 2 leg.

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Stoney Point Rapid Pivot Bipod. Detaches easily and flexible.
many of my friends and acquaitances brag on the Stoney Points for predator hunting....
Me I own so many already I am going to open a Shooting Styk museum in Lewistown, Pa.. Nope I do not own the Stoneys.....But like I said they talk highly of them...The AKA Predator Callers in Pa..

I don;t think homemade cross arrows and driveway marker sticks that are crossed are going to be that good for a 300 Win Mag..

However I tend to think Tripod is better the monopod, and bipod..
The only down side to the homemade fiberglass one is that it will not collapse down. The fiberglass should work just fine on the .300. The sticks just need to support the weight of the gun, not the recoil. I like the idea and may make my own now.
they are no worse than a thumb off the side of a sapling. Just sayin. To be honest, the only time i use a rest is when i can't get into a comfortable prone or sitting shooting position. I use it mostly for someething to rest my gun against while waiting for the furry creatures.
btw, i feel I need to add - I use my arrow shaft sticks for my shotgun as well, and they work admirably, helped me put a slug right into the lungs last week, about 110 or so yards on a nice doe. I hit about an inch lower than my aim, and a deer at 110 with a 4x scope is NOT an EASY aim...certainly not the hardest shot, but not an easy one either. I would have not done it without the sticks.
I find a sapling with several medium sized branches at different heights. I cut the sapling to the lenght of a walking stick with the top about head high. cut the branches off about three inches long at different heights off the ground. you have a walking stick for stability and several different shooting rests. and its free!!!!
Uncle Buck I was the one taking the pic's with jayd4wg and his son and them homemade sticks worked well under my 7mm rem. mag. Not only did I drop a doe at over 500 yards, but I told jayd4wg right where the bullet would be,and was within 3in of my mark... Not bad at that distance on a alarmed deer ,but I dont wanna throw jayd4wg under the bus
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LOL...i'll take the ribbing. first shot at a critter with a new gun...send one 6 inches over the back of momma at a good distance...yeah, they were on FULL alert. And that 7mm is like the hammer of Thor
jayd4wg said:
And that 7mm is like the hammer of Thor
Best $150 I ever spent...
Every one misses, and i'm sure mine isn't far away...

then you can post it... lol Only it will be on video with my luck.
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Levellok is a company in pittsburgh and is a well made shooting stick i have had mine for 16 years
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