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uncysid said:
no just on regular plain old public ground. I have a shooting bench we would like to take to a open spot that has a natural backstop. It is approx. 200 yards from any houses and faces away from the houses.
Is your Shooting Location on Your OWN Property??
Does it have a Backstop?
Shooting at Random: During the open seasons for deer and bears, it is
unlawful to shoot at any target other than legal game. Target shooting is
lawful only when done: 1) on property owned by the shooter or by a guest
of the property owner; 2) within 200 yards of a camp or headquarters
where the shooter is either quartered or an invited guest; 3) at an established
shooting range. The target must be protected by a natural or artificial barrier
so that the bullet or arrow cannot travel more than 15 yards beyond the

Sounds like you have everything Covered!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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