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she beat me to it!

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Saturday I had all but given up after a poor morning in perry county when My 13 year old and I decided to hunt local near the house for the last two hours. Despite the wind neither of us wanted to call it a day. My daughter took me to an area she's hiked to and heard turkeys before. Sure enough we got a response at the field edge so we got set up and waited. after about 40 minutes of work he finally came into view and slowly worked into range. he was having trouble staying in strut with the wind gusting but was determined to show off for my decoy that was blowing in half sideways in the wind. after making her wait till a 12-15 yard opportunity presented itself, Ashley put on a awesome shot and the bird stumbled into the brush. She rushed over only to find it already deceased.. A great shot and a great shot with no meat damaged and a great bird ! Her first gobbler , a york county bird and with a crossbow. I'm so proud!!

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Congrats nice bird Great job with the crossbow
GREAT STUFF....I'll have to show this to my son as it is his plan to nail a gobbler with a crossbow.

Our schedule has not been kind to us though, we have yet to be out.

CONGRATS!!!!! Great story and pics on a great hunt. Man, is it green down there!!
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Congrats again to you and Ashley and thanks for sharing the bounty with us.

awesome....nice pictures! CONGRATS!
That is sooo cooool your daughter should be very proud of herself. I'm happy for you both. Lifes GOOD your a lucky dad.....later
Great job to the young lady!!....and dad!!
That is way cool!! Great job to both of you.
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Very nice. Congrats on the bird and congrats on spending time in the woods together. -SL
That is a hunt to remember! Congratulations to you both!
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