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The Marxist is angry and sounds are if he is warning the American people that he WILL get his way.

Just look at the drivel that he spews and how so many people believe him.

When he says "A victory for who? A victory for what? All that happened today was the preservation of a loophole that allows dangerous criminals to buy guns without a background check".

Uh, Mr. President, did the Virginia Tech killer use this so-called loophole? NOPE.

Did the Tucson killer use the loop hole? NOPE.

Did the theater killer use the loop hole? NOPE.

Did the Newtown shooter use the loop hole? NOPE.

So who are all these dangerous criminals who are using this "loop hole" and slaughtering people? I mean, they keep making it sound as if THIS is the root cause of all these mass shootings and gun deaths, so show me some evidence that illustrates how all of these guns bought using this "loop hole" are the main cause of gun deaths in this country.

It isn't, but they won't let that get in the way of a good lie.

I am seriously tired of the lies and misinformation in concert from the White House and the media.
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