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Does anybody hunt SGL 057? I saw a camp for sale near there and was wondering if it is worth a closer look. It is just West of the windmills. The closest town I think would be Noxen. Looks like there aren't a lot of camps in that area. might be an advantage. I know some areas of WMU 3B can be really hit or miss as far as deer that's why I ask.
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Nice buck. Can anyone tell me where the food plots are on 57 off of Dutch Mt Rd. I herd it's the one parking area on Dutch Mt Rd but can't find it.
I just seen Sullivan / Wyoming Co got some nasty weather. Does an one know how it is up there right now. The wife an I are heading up sSunday for the week to do some bowhunting
Roads were ok. I seen some does but it was tuff. IT was windy all week but one day. IT snowed a lil bit on Tuesday. Rained all day Thursday. DIDN'T kill a deer but had a great time
The fight is over. I'm a part of Yeager land owners. It was over stupid stuff like the gate being left open and stuff like that. Penn Conn are not bad people.
I love it there. Been hunting there my entire life. I can only hope Penn conn sends some of them big bucks over our way. The deer numbers are way down. Don't know what's up. We were seeing a lot of bears in the spring an just like that they disappeared. I'm driving up this weekend to put the cam out an see what's around. We had a break in at our camp a few years back due to someone leaving the gate open. At least that's our thoughts
Man I hope your right I plan on spending a week or two up there this bow season for the rut. You never know what you'll run in too. I'm hoping for a coyote this season I hear a lot but have yet to see one.
My buddy let a blond phase coyote walk last year. He still hears about that from me.
Just herd from my neighbor up there he said they got about 8 inches of snow up there yesterday. I asked him how the roads were he said he hadn't left the cabin in a couple days lol. I hear they are lookin at snow Thursday an Friday anyone know how true an if so how much. I was thinking of driving up Saturday
I just want to let my fellow SGL 057 users know that my wife an I just found out we are having our first baby. I'm going to be 31 in April an my wife turns 31 an the end of this month. I'm so happy as is my wife an I can't wait to bring him or her up there for they're first deer. This is awesome.
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Yea man. My in laws have a place right outside of Tunkhannock. We started our nephew fishin on the river when he was 4. He's 9 now an catchs bigger smallies then all of us. I think him an my wife got the biggest at 4 an half pound so far. My dads place is over Dutch mt so we'll get the best of both worlds. Whatever it is boy or girl all I care about is they are healthy an have my good looks lol. On a serious note we're happy as can be.
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I hear it's gonna be a low of 8 up there this weekend. You guys think that's to cold for my stealth cam an wild game cams
I have to get up coal mine rd also. My neighbor just asked me to check on his porch roof too. I wonder if anyone is gonna plow
Will do if I make it up. My wife is telling me I'm crazy. I just wanna check on my place an my neighbors make sure everything is ok. I also put two trail cams out last weekend so I wanna see if they are buried. They are both about 36 inch off the ground
What's going on up at 57 anything!??!? My wife an I found out that we are having a baby girl in October so that's cool. I can only hope she wants to bear an deer hunt up at 57 with me.
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