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Does anybody hunt SGL 057? I saw a camp for sale near there and was wondering if it is worth a closer look. It is just West of the windmills. The closest town I think would be Noxen. Looks like there aren't a lot of camps in that area. might be an advantage. I know some areas of WMU 3B can be really hit or miss as far as deer that's why I ask.
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ACE: 57 goes all the way east to Ricketts Glen State Park. You also have Mountain Springs Lake back there. We hunt 57 sometimes, via Mountain Springs Lake road off of 487. There's a lot of swamp, small creeks, ponds, marsh and tons of blueberry thickets. I know guys that drive it on occasion and they get some big bucks and bears. There will be a little competition near the road in, but probably nobody if you get off the road a little. It's vast. Also, there's probably a good 10,000 acres of Ricketts Glen that you can hunt.
WOL, from where you are I thought you'd hit 013 and 066 more often.
I hunt 13 the most as it borders our land. But we used to hunt bear on 57 quite a bit. It's a 5 minute drive on 487 to the Mountain Springs Lake access road. That's a dirt road that goes from 487 and travels 5 miles back to the lake. The lake used to be stocked with trout and we used to fish there a lot as well. In that 5 mile drive, there are several places to park and some turn-offs, if I remember. It's been a few years. There's also some good upland bird and waterfowling back there.

The layout of the land would make your place and my place quite close as the crow flies, but a 30-40 minute drive if you had to take the roads. I'm guessing 487 south to 118 east and back up 29 north. You also have Lackawana State Forest nearby.
Mehoopany is probably what he means. I've seen small pickerel in it but not trout. I see native trout in the creek going down to Jamison City.
Best prime rib I've ever had is at the Central.

Hot open-faced roast beef sammies: Forksville Inn

Breakfast: #3 at the Red Fox Inn on 220.

My favorite hangout was the Green Swan Inn in Dushore. Cheeseburger and fries and a rice pudding for desert. Quarterflash's Harden my Heart or Rush's Tom Sawyer on the jukebox. If a football game was on, I played Asteroids. If not, my dad and I played pinball. The owner was a real estate agent (John Huddock). I remember his twin boys were waitors.

Eaglesmere toboggan slide, Dushore outhouse races, Forksville bow festival. All great times. Used to belong to a hunting camp on Lambert's Hill. Our local mart was Mulleneaux (sp?). All the guys called her the laughing lady. The Loyalsock Outfitters was our Cabela's.

So many good times growing up enjoying Sullivan County.

As a 20 something, used to hang out at Harvey's Lake. Grotto's and the Grand Slam Sports Bar....saw the Scorpions and Alice Cooper at the lake.
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So many things have changed.
Super Duper is now Hurley's.
Ben Franklin is now the Jolly Trolley.
Green Swan is a bank.
Loyalsock Outfitters have been closed for at least 25 years.

Some things are the same. Still only one traffic light.
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WOL, WOW, can't believe you mentioned "the laughing lady"!
Not many people left to have this conversation. I was a kid back then and I'm now in my mid-40s. Remember the Western Auto in Dushore? It's Bill's Ace Hardware now, but still looks the same as it did back in the day.
I heard that the head of the QDMA in that area was approaching the PGC to try and get doe season suspended on 57 for next year...don't know how it went...
3B does not have a concurrent season, it's 2nd week only. Were trying to eliminate doe hunting entirely? Archery, too? I thought the QDM guys were all for shooting more doe.
I think the place was called Blue Jays. One of the first buildings on the right as you came in from 487 north. There was also a place across the street, if I remember. There's also Birch Creek in Mildred. Remember the Endicott Johnson shoe factory? Now it's some kind of clothes outlet.

Not familiar with the Roundhouse. The Forksville Inn (Gardners for a spell) and the Green Swan were our hangouts. And the Red Fox in for breakfast.

There's a Sorber in the QDMA? It's not Dave Sorber the taxidermist, is it?
We used to fish the Little Loyalsock between Dushore and Cherry Mills Lodge when I was a kid. I used to like just wandering up and down the bank, trying to catch suckers and chubs. We also fished Hunters Lake and Lake Jean quite a bit. We also got permission to fish a lot of farm ponds. The pond behind the cabin called "The Hide Away" was my favorite. I think that was on Gainer Hill Road.
We have around 10 mounts from Dave Sorber.

I was told that there were deer from Michigan stocked up there back in the day. Nut sure how true that is, but enough of the old timers mention it.
My Father belong to a camp on Lick Creek road.
Is it the Dirty Dozen? My dad's old camp was called the Potter's Club. On Lambert Hill, right across from Joe Bahl's farm. Joe died and Lamert bought the land and posted it. There are still a couple of Potters left and they hunt on the property on the bottom of the hill. We used to call it the bow club.

We used to fish right along 87. There was a pull-off on a blind turn across from the creek. We used to drop our minnow trap off there on Friday nights on our way up.

A lot of great memories driving around all those dirt roads. We'd spot at night and look for new ponds to ask permission to fish.

How about spaghetti dinner at Saint Basil's in Dushore. Do they still have that?
I know some of the people in the DD +1. Joe Romano still hunts out of there. His neighbor Joe DeLucca hunts with us now. Those guys know some of the Potters. The Maguires belong to the Potters Club still.
I don't recognize any of the places that these guys have ben talking about the last few pages.
These must be on the east side of SGL57. Most of my experience was within the boundaries of Sullivan County.

A couple exceptions: dinner at Pickett's Charge in Dallas, supplies at the Red Rock Corner Store, snowmobile work at Caddy Labbar's in Dallas.

Another Sullivan County restaurant we went to occasionally was the Sonestown Inn. Good food. Occasionally, we would hit the Muncy Valley Inn for pizza when fishing Hunters Lake.
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Those Red Rock hoagies are not easy to eat in the car. You get your money's worth but they're a little a good way.
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We are closest to 13. But just east of 57. Also near 66. Been there since 1984. But I grew up hunting and fishing between Dushore and Forksville. We still head into Dushore once a month or so. More in the fall. Dushore Market has good prices on beef. There's a liquor store. When the kids were younger, we would take them to the Jolly Trolley (old Ben Franklin) and then get lunch at the Whistle Stop.
Did they drain Mountain Springs Lake? I heard they were going to because the dam was in disrepair. I haven't been back there in years. Used to trout fish there.

They are draining Lake Jean in the spring. They shocked and netted most of the fish out of there and put them in Francis Slocum Lake. The plan in the fix the dam and tower and refill in around a year. Gonna suck for camping this summer. I wonder how it will impact the corner store.
They are going to drain Lake Jean this spring, after ice-out. Fishing season of 2014 did not have any restrictions. If you wanted to keep fifty 3 inch bass, you could. There were no closed seasons either. Which is strange. If you got checked away from the lake, they'd have to take your word that you got the off-limit fish from Lake Jean. I was talking to a ranger during deer season and he said the netted and shocked as many fish as they could and transported them to Frances Slocum. I also heard that they are restocking the lake with small fish so it will be a few years until it's worth fishing again.
June, 1979: We caught a 46 inch musky out of Lake Jean. Haven't seen any muskies out of that lake since.
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